Friday, May 11, 2012


after the xth attempt to import all my posts from failed, i can no longer be bothered. i will start from the beginning... these are from around the house, digital, my analogue yashica will not make it until summer i'm afraid, but i have gotten my hands on a minolta 7000 which seems to be working fine (except for the obnoxiously loud af). 

 i've been taking/editing photos whenever i find a free minute, sometimes i don't find any time but take it anyway because i need it desperately.

i'm taking exams and time is running out but i am looking forward to summer with the same excitement as every year because summer is when i feel truly alive, when the sun turns my hair and body a different colour, the smell of freshly cut grass hangs about, the streets feel hot yet somehow soft underneath bare feet, the best long weekends are spent with friends...