Tuesday, August 28, 2012


been a little quiet on here but it's not because i haven't been doing anything - on the contrary, i've been quite busy with friends and photography, mostly. i also update my flickr, tumblr and cargo collective on a regular basis, so not everything i create ends up on here. 

i'm really looking forward to NYC, though i doubt i will be able to fit all the camera equipment i want to bring in a suitcase (if i plan to change my clothes at all), including my new macbook which i'll probably leave at home. 

that said, here are some shots that sum up the past few weeks. 

i have yet to find out what it is exactly that i want to do with my life from here on out. i graduate from uni in october (hopefully, ...) and i know where i'll live and with whom and where my friends will be but i don't know what i will be. i will photograph and i will write, for one thing. i can never stop doing that.

i will also continue to miss the friends who live far away, enjoy the company of those who live near, travel & be creative with my boyfriend and try to outsmart my cat who is turning out to be a complete maniac (though a cute one).