Friday, January 4, 2013

hello 2013

2012 was a year of ups and downs. I had a lot to figure out on my own and somehow I managed to take on all the hurdles that were put in my way - mostly by myself, but hey, I'm a pretty strong fighter if you want to know the truth.

While there are no clearly defined right or wrong directions (unless you're headed towards a bottomless pit, but even then, you might have a balloon handy or some other trick up your sleeve - see how I have a problem there? Constantly attempting to relativize everything), I know I took some pretty big steps in the right direction last year. 

I finished uni, I moved into a new place, I started a new job, I took a lot of photos, I traveled to New York for the second time. 

I've come a lot closer to knowing what I want (and don't want) from life. I maturity-levelled up, I guess (one level down for that last statement though).

Okay, I'm done reflecting. I made no resolutions. I did, however, compile a list of random things I plan to do this year (no, no resolutions. Resolutions are meant to be broken whereas things I randomly jot down I tend to follow through with more often): learn as much as I can (about anything), read and listen to music more consciously. Push myself harder. Continue to travel often.


Some more winter-y impressions: